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The Wind River Experience
Wind River Adventure Tours, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business. As such, we give greater personal attention to your group as whole and its individual members. The fact that so many guests return for second and even third tours speaks volumes about us.

All-Inclusive Packages
The price of a Wind River tour includes everything you need and then some. Tour transportation (airfare not included), guide, lodging, camping fees and equipment, activities and attractions, and meals are all included in your price.

Families and Small Groups
Families, couples and individual nature lovers of all ages are welcome to either join a regular group or form their own private group.
Regular Groups are open for the general public to join. The more people who join a regular tour, the lower the prices becomes for each person. If you enjoy meeting people and sharing your travel experiences, regular tours can be a fun and very cost-effective way to do so.
Private Groups are just that--tours that are reserved exclusively for one party. Often a family will take advantage of this option and reserve an entire tour for just themselves.

Hotel Tours
Hotel tours may be booked by both regular and private groups. Outside national parks, hotel tours stay exclusively at AAA-approved 3-Diamond rated properties. National park lodges and cabins vary from historic and rustic to modern accommodations offering convenient amenities such as private baths and saunas. All properties used on Wind River tours are inspected and approved by Wind River staff on an annual basis.

Camping Tours
Camping tours may also be booked by regular and private groups. Camping tours are supplied with all of the camping gear and equipment needed for a successful outdoor experience. We use exclusively expedition-quality tents made by Mountain Hardware. These 3-season dome tents offer the strength, stability and protection required for summer-time camping in the Rocky Mountains, as well as plenty of ventilation and a nice view of the stars on those warmer nights. Guests are also supplied with quality inflatable and/or closed-cell sleeping pads, day packs, water bottles, and binoculars for scenic and wildlife viewing. Finally, camping tour guests will enjoy a complimentary stay in a hotel on their final night of the tour, where breakfast and shuttle service to the airport are provided FREE of charge the following morning.

Meals are provided throughout each tour and in a variety of settings. Hotel tours offer meals in national park lodges, restaurants, cafes, and even catered picnics at local parks. There are NO fast food restaurants on hotel tours unless requested. Children's menus are available in most restaurants. The retail price of an adult meal on hotel tours averages around $14. The Bunnery in Jackson, The Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria, Canyon Village Restaurant, The Irma Hotel Restaurant in Cody, The Safari Club in Thermopolis and Little America in Evanston are just some of the restaurants that we use on our Yellowstone Adventure 5-day hotel tour. Camping tours average about one meal per day in a restaurant, with breakfast and supper usually prepared at camp. Students and chaperones are expected to assist with meal preparation and clean up.

Wind River tour guides are licensed teachers and/or instructors of college level courses with years of professional experience from the primary grades through high school and into secondary education. Archaeology, Native American cultures, photography, and wildlife viewing are just some of the special interests that our guides enjoy sharing with guests of all ages.

Regular and private groups tour in SUV's, passenger vans, or mini-buses, depending on the size of the group. (Airfare to and from tour departure points is not included.)

For more information, e-mail us or call toll-free 419-308-2462.

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